Tuesday, December 8

I'm bloated!

I just got home! ''\(o.O)/''
Went Iris's place for these! *look above*
Ingredients : Wantan, dumplings (my fav), fresh fish, mushrooms, veges, noodles.
(it looks like not enuf yet it's more den enuf!) *BURPS*
we have tonyam and chicken soup.
It's up to your preference! :D
It's kinda fun for the pouring, mixing and adding in those ingredients session! Lols^^
while waiting for it to boil...
Iris's new bought cap! cool, isn't it?
Another Wendy in the house!
She's going bk Sg 2ml morning.
Have a safe journey ya gal!
Group pitcha'
Thx stephie dear for capturing it^^

Tht's all for today!
Tata ;B(toothy smile)

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