Monday, December 7

after lectures & lunch,
steph & iris came to visit my new rented room in BJ.
Jiayee came with genyuan later on. What a coincidence!
They were down there doing posology, flipping BNF surfing net....
and what about me?
in the room sleeping soundly! gosh!

I feel warm everytime as i'm awake,
I know there are people waiting for me, and to talk to.
Shitttt.. Loneliness is my biggest fear for now! :X
They smelled something from the neighbor's kitchen: Chic Soup!
oh.Being random,
they were like " Let's cook Chicken Soup too!''
I somehow agreed to them. (my mind still blur)
Ejinq bought herbal pack and drumsticks for us from carre4,
hmm... We went over his place and nag him to cook the soup for us!

We cooked 'Chicken Herbal Soup' together, sweet!
at the moment with the girls, I miss her(shiennee), like seriously!

I kinda miss the days looking for yizhe, waihong & khonghern in the lecture hall...
....sitting next to any of them.

Do you know what's gonna happen for every tomorrow?
It's just unpredictable!
Live life to the fullest.

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