Tuesday, January 12

Do you love cycling?

hey morning peeps!
I love cycling, do you?
I've finally found a great place to go for cycling in KL.
Great as in I do not need to have my own bicycle, I can just enjoy the few hours of cycling by just renting a bike! cool enuf!
Add on, another point of saying it's great because of the greenish environment! Go green people!
Location detected :
Agriculture Park, Shah Alam

Ticketing : rm3 per entry for adults ; rm1 for children below 12
The website stated it opens at 830am. Reached there around 835, and the gates all tight-closed! =.= It opened at 9am!
To kill time, camwhore in the car!

yuhoo! as the clock stroke 9am, I got really excited!
Nah see above, so can tell that Cycling is not the ONLY activity over there!
I reminisced the camping days when I was in high skul!
Ah those old good times!
when you halfway get tired of cycling, just park ya bike at aside and lets enjoy the nature!
I visited cactus garden!!!
the breathtaking scenery
Hey look. I rented a Bridgestone Bike wey!
2.5 hours of cycling, going uphill-ascending part was tiring (I shall strengthen my stamina level)
while going downhill-descending part was fast and furious!
What I can say is,
whatcha waiting for?
Jom go cycling, anyone?

Do whatever you feel like, life brief candle.
Hey here's a little note: Do not cross the limit!
so do only whatever you think is right!

Signing off,

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