Wednesday, January 6

Taiwan Day2

Hey guys!
I shall continue blogging about the Tw Round Island Tour!
FYI, this tour is registered under GTT (Golden Tourworld Travel)

So guess,
Did I make it to wake at 530?
or skip the damn-early-breakfast and sleep for additional 1 hour?
Yes? No? Dono...?
Hey! c'mon The first day wey!
Of course I woke up once the phone rang ;P
den off to Hotel Cafe for breakfast!
The breakfast of 2nd day!
I ate only these 2 above,
it was freezing cold and damn early... no appetite weii!
'yauchakuai and hot soyabean' is nice!
Fed herself with porridge.
which I don't like.
Nah! See!!!
The sky was still dark!
I was trying to pretend ' Oh, 10degree Celsius? I can take it!' with only thin black jacket on me!

Got into the bus at around 645am.
Headed to 'Bullet Train Station'
and yea
we took Bullet Train to Taipei!
Say Hello to Taipei city!
It was getting colder so I decided to put a shawl around neck to keep myself warm!

The next visit...
National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall
Do you know I love flowers and Red is my favorite color?
RED = Hot . Spicy . Sexy
a narcissistic.
This is the 1 and only group picture taken!
the squatting front row all below age 25!
not too bad, still have teens to have more fun together!
but hell, I'm still the oldest amongst them!

After this,
we continue our journey to....
Taiwan sausages!!!
anyone don't like it?
you can pick your favorite flavor, either honey,bbq,pepper and whatsoever!
Chiufen is a nice place to spend money and also GAIN WEIGHT!
According to SmallStone, it's always crowded!
Thanks god, the day we were there.... we can still walk by not being pushed by others.
Taro Balls!!! you love it yea?
I had a bowl of taro balls in ginger soup!
as I love everything with gingers, so I love it!
Tauhu Busuk!
I still prefer the taste in HK one.
I survey ed, many stalls of Beef Noodles in Taiwan selling it at 90Tw dollars.
convert it to MYR, it's rm9.30

The next stop,
Accordingly, it is one of the famous temples in Nanfangau.
(Due to my sleepiness, I didn't take any pictures of the temple.
Add on, I don't find any artistic value of tht particular temple =.= )

They call Potato as DI-GUA in tw.
I still prefer Japanese sweet potatoes tho!

After enjoying the sweet DIGUA,
I fell sleep in the bus......
and suddenly, I was awaken by the noises...
and I saw this!!!
'It was freaking jam along this Suhua Coastal Highway'
the bus not moving at all for the entire half an hour....
and when the cars in front started to move,
the bus driver started to move forward,
he just realized......
The bus broke down
what a 'nice' day
luckily, there were 2 buses passed by, and the bus drivers were kind enuf to take us a ride...
orelse, we are gonna become ice cubes!
you know wat's this?
it's called Mamee in Msia.

In the evening,
Had a cultural show in Ami Culture Village, indeed a great one!
A picture with the Ami Tribe
mummy's turn!
Met new friends in the another bus :)
yee lei and siblings :D
Another tiring day!
Bed, I need you badly!

Ju-on? I'm here to scare you!
Slept soundly and alarm set for the next day journey!

To be continued.....


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  1. almost the same place i go before..keke..go taiwan for eat more important den visit..keek

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