Monday, January 18

Ice Skating Day Out :)

now it's 121am... I can't sleep so yea, here I'm blogging!
Anyway, to be honest, this post is outdated! It was days ago...
Sorry I was too busy lately...

Well! guess where were we? and why were we there?
Hint is very obvious!
You won't be answering : I dunoooo...
so I assume you guys got the answer! :P

 Can you spot my Skate Shoe?
She is sweet enuf to tighten it for me!
 With the great companions, it was indeed a great-skating-day!
ops, chris. your individual photo is I didn't upload it here. You see, I did not forget about you.
 The seducing pose. Yalah. Failed to the max, I noe weii...
One two three four....................... NINE of us.... yuhooooo....^^

After the 3 hours skating session(plus the fell down part, so embarrassing) ,we were starving!!!
 Timing was good.
It was the dinner time!
Bbq Plaze, the sizzling beef - always my favorite!

Later on, we wanted to catch a movie.
but due to some reasons, we ended up in playing arcade games.
 Car racing, fast and furious huh..
I got 3rd in the race, (why lah)
Don't want continue wasting $$$, (I merajuk)
so we walked around in the center and .... (you know lah)

My dear & I

 It's either you DIE or me!

 If I were asked to kill my both Manja(s), I'd rather kill myself!
World Peace!

Signing off,

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  1. Nice fun doing some ice skating huh. I think it's been about 6-7 years I last skate. I wonder if I still remember how to skate :D. Girls outing could be so enjoyable sometimes I could see.

    Regards from cr3ap


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