Monday, January 18

A worth remembering day!

 It was Saturday, the ninth of January.
Cant deny that I had a very tight schedule on that day,
but it was a great day, for me!

 Participated in the Digi event.
(copy her caption : she's my best companion for everything ^^ )
 So yellow. so Ong. 
that is 'D'g fours team!

 Changed into smart casual right after the event.
and headed to Royale Bintang Hotel, Damansara

I pakat-ed with the gf to send him to the room doorstep.
Many lies involved, but whocares.
Anyhow, we succeed in making him step into the hotel room
so he got really shocked ~ hey, Surprise!!!
 The Zhpy gay's pose!
can feel his happiness, no?
 A mickey mouse jelly cake in advance. (If Donald Duck mold would be perfect)
His birthday is on 12th not 9th. it's an earlier celebration, get it?
 May aka the girlfriend,
who put in lots of effort in planning this surprise for her loved ones.
and the video-making!!!
I am giving her this award: The World's Best Girlfriend
 Another love birds.
it was Maywah's 1st time staying over with friends!
nah, of course! I'm the one who persuade her bah :P
Hey, I did involve in planning stuffs like you know checking hotel rate, asking everyone's opinion and bla bla bla....:)

So now,
I shall show you...
Behind The Scene
 The Deco Team!
not only 3 of them, definitely more....

Iyen (My hometown gang) rocks!
The 1st member who turned 21st, we made him become the happiest person of the day, and most importantly,he had blast!
Happy 21st Birthday to you, Edmund Wee.
Rock the day to the max!
The best gifts given to you are getting May as ya girlfriend & me as your ZHPY!
Zhpy = Zui Hao Peng You
(ops, I'm sorry to you, banana :P )

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  1. So nice of you to plan so much things for your friends bf's birthday.

    Regards from cr3ap


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