Tuesday, January 5

Taiwan Day1

Hello all!
As I promised,
I will update abt the 8D7N Taiwan trip!
here it is! :)
I will split everyday journey into 8! 8posts!
so do catch up,don't miss out any post~
The first day kicked off with the 3pm flight by MAS!
My lil bro and mummy for being the great partners of the trip!
I was so excited in Klia, boarded, got into the plane...
and here comes the announcement
' Ladies and gentlemen, the flight to Kota Kinabalu will take approx. 2 hours 20 minutes!'
We were like ' Wat? Transit huh?' O.O
The tour leader informed all the tour members regarding the transit only once we settled down in the PLANE! =.='''
Fed up!
1. Sudah lah the high expectation tot we can take a ride on a bigger international plane with TV in front of the seat.
Who knows, it's just an ordinary domestic plane! wth
2. The very 'smart' tour leader arranged 3 of us to sit at the LAST ROW!
(the undesirable smell fromthe toilet enough to make us faint)
We don't deserve this! We pay the full price of the air ticket helo!
The last row passengers should get special rebate on the tickets la!
3. fine. fine with the last row. Then, the air steward contribute the meal-on board from the front row.
And when he comes to serve us,
'Helo miss, would you like to choose fish / beef? Sorry, there's no more chicken-meal left!'
Actually, beef is my top preference. But I feel damn beh song, so I screwed him!
'I want chicken, but now you say no more chicken left which means I have no other choice.
It's either beef fish or don't eat. Fine, give me beef then!
Hey, but I'm very unhappy with this.
I'm now sitting at the very last row yet we have to wait the meal to be done distributing to all the front rows first. Do you know you all take 45 minutes to serve from the front to the very last row! This seriously make people at the back starved you know? please improve on this!'
'Sorry miss, I just follow the sequence. I give you a few packets of biscuits and nuts as to apologize ya! Don't worry, the dinner later on I will go from the last row, is this fine for you?
' Alright. take your promise den.'

Arrived Kota Kinabalu International Airport
and waited 0.5 hour in the airport
then another 3.50 hours to fly to Taoyuan International Airport!
Finally, we arrived the Taouyuan Int.Airport!
*stretch body* after the long hours in the plane.
The 14 Celsius degree is sort of welcoming our arrival!
Say Hello to Taiwan!
It's my first time!
Met up with the Taiwanese tour guide named 'Small Stone'
Headed to hotel!
The first day, the only satisfactory part is this 5stars hotel room! :)
Settled down everything in the hotel.
The night is still young huh, so off we go jalan-jalan nearby the hotel!
hey, with Mummy along of course :)
It was 1115pm but most of the shops nearby were closed!
Sad case.
The only shop found is the convenience shop - Family Mart!
You definitely won't get hungry in any of Taiwan's convenience shop!
why?A great variety of foods to let you choose!
This Instant noodles is recommended by Small Stone
Nice! I love beef bah!
So inilah Supper of the first day!

Morning call at 530am in the next morning!
Have to wake up 530am? oh that was miserable......

Stay tuned for Day2 :)
see you again! :B

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