Thursday, February 25

Cny Reunion Dinner

Hey, how are you doing? where did you have ya cny reunion dinner? how was it?
I had mine at restaurant, to be specific, Payang Serai (randell's)
Still the same, we had cny reunion dinner outside for many years already.
The main purpose of a reunion dinner being held is to let the family members get together to celebrate.
so wherever it is held,  we  eat.laugh.picture had fun FULL STOP!

I shall kickoff this post with...
the family portrait

 The Cny special package - 10 dishes in total!
TEN has great meaning - 十全十įžŽ

 my cousin and her parents :)
 and this is my elder bro, who very ganchiong and kept asking 'wads d time now' on that night.
aduh... rushing for time to meet up with friends!
 Don't get shocked! The caption above lies!
My mum wants to print out this, and distributes to her siblings, so yea.
Here, I shall do the correction: My mum's siblings.
while waiting for the next dish,
nothing's better than camwhoring!
 my gramma! you can address her Rachel!
 the youngsters.
Me hearts them :)

 this is lovely, isn't it?
you'll see more in the next post!

Bai!Dinner time!

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