Wednesday, February 24

Jeff Boon's 21st

 His birthday falls on 13th February, yea, the day before Valentine's!
He's lucky this year as most of the Iyens at Kaytea(for cny purpose:P ) so can make it for The Surprise Party.
On 12th that night, none of us date him out for yumcha/ snooker! (good job!)
As informed, we gathered at Tenang down there around 1130pm.
And, I was 15minutes late and so embarrassed because everyone was waiting for me to go up!
(I didn't expect everyone to be punctual because it has been the trend for being late)

 The whole biji of Choc.Banana from Secret Recipe!
(stop guessing what does airjantan mean if you do :P.)

outside the lifts
while waiting for the clock to strike 12, we...........(can be seen as above)
 I got no idea why everyone kept pushing the job of holding the cake to each other. 
Too heavy, must be!
'Cherylllllll, take la'
'why me?'
'you're his half-ex!'
'ahh... what! lui lah... 20years friend wert!'
ya, so the cake ended up in lui's hands! (guai)

Randell was calling the birthday boy.
on the phone ' hey, I'm outside ya house. I got something to return you!'
(they are building mates, so the birthday boy would not suspect any or being perasan!)

(5 minutes earlier, but we just cant hold it any longer because we sked the noises made will either disturb the neighbors or he might notice us. )
1. A big crowd sang birthday song for him.
2. He was directed to open the door and let us in!
3. Make a wish/ few wishes!

Inside the house
The chopping knife is quite a brilliant idea to chop the cake, no?
 oh, do you notice a small part of the cake gone missing?
(ahha, this is for FUN purpose - 'cheng ku (cantonese) the guailan bday boy:P ')
argh, but the fun part somehow turned out to be so disgustingggg..
yala,yala my fault la! :P (not to mention here wads about :X)
 the love birds - qiyang & efreet
 another sweet couple - siang & huifun
end of this post: He's 21 now!
(nah look, my art work on his face!)

The surprise party - mission accomplished!
it'd be great if cherrie, ming, von, huan join us that night!

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