Tuesday, February 23

The famous temple in Trg on fire!

Chinese New Year is a special time to give thanks and ask for good fortune in the coming year.
And of course, the favorite place to hit is the temple! Temple plays a great role and always get ready for chinese new year. So, in this lovely town, you can see most of the Chinese will pay a visit to the temple located in China Town on the new year eve, first day and the subsequent days of cny.
Unfortunately, yesterday a call received ' The temple is on fire'!
oh gosh, this is very shocking as we just drove pass the temple like an hour ago, it was still in normal condition.
yesterday 0015am

and the fire happened at around 9pm(22-02-10)
this morning,

charcoal black inside.

come to a conclusion,
everything is possible to mark a huge difference in a minute,an hour, a day....
so appreciate your day, with your loved ones!

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