Monday, February 22

Photo-shooting in Kitschen

Hey everyone,
Happy Chinese New Year!

alright, not to deny that I've been neglected this blog for a week.
Can I say busy with cny house hopping to be excused?

Back to topic,
hey, is this pic still fresh in your mind?
and I assume you to know that this is the Kitschen's December Top Voted photo.
in short, December winner la wei!
feel lost and got no idea what's this about?
go facebook and search for Kitschen,
become a Fan and click wall photos. and there you may see all the monthly winner :)
or go to this album : What's your kitschen look? December winner (you can see more)

The Kitschen outlet @ One Utama

oh well, for those who dislike RED, I warn you! Stop scrolling down and reading! :P
WHY? because you can see me in RED for almost all the pics.
For RED color lovers,* HIGH 5* you rock!
spot me busy choosing outfit for photo shooting.
I was like :
'oh what should I wear?
'Dress? short pants? mini skirt? sporty? ahhh... headache'
'how about accessories? this one can match with which belt?
'Is this okay or that one better?'
and finally, I made up my mind. :)
and RED is the ♥ 

more friends joining the photo shoot, more merrier and I had more fun of course!
Weiliong dsy! aww, finally we met after 9876543 n months. :)
and, waise the sweetie. :)

The photo shooting session had begun once us dressed up in Kitschen collection
the camera man said: okay, you guys are having fun, real fun...real fun! I'll capture this!
zoom in
zoom out!
(the shoppers outside were looking at us, and we were like in our own world, they have been ignored!)
caught me acting lala & innocent! 
all camera-addicts! :)
I love all the styles above, do you? *winks*
and this is taken by Mr.(ahh, I forgot the camera-man's name :X )

and sooner,
The prize-giving ceremony
(it'd be great if weyin is in the pic)
We received RM500 shopping vouchers happily from her
(the manager person-in-charge of Kitschen, I cant rmb if she's the manager or marketing executive or wat! *bang head on keyboard*)
together with the NOVEMBER winner :)

cheryl darling & I!
thanks Kitschen, we love you!
the last pic before I ciaoz.
Us sudah tukar baju :D

Headed to Midvalley after that.
got to watch the Aerobatic performance
they are so well-trained! good job!
and this,I'm amazed!

Kitschen, thank you so much for the shopping vouchers!
can't wait to shop in Kitschen! anyone?

lots of love,


  1. gong xi fa chai ........
    bestnyer can have free shopping spree .....

  2. thank you :) happy cny to you too :)))

  3. congratz ! REALLY ONG!

    nanged. nang this and read the camwhore in FSG Dong Zen!

  4. lucky girl :P apa pun menang teehee~

  5. har..take pictures FOC and get shopping voucher??
    so nice~

  6. nikel : well, sort of :)

    fiona06 : mana ada... just a few only lah ^^

    kwongfei : ya, very syok! ahah thanks for nanging!


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