Sunday, February 7

A lovely Friday

 Hey, 24hours in a day just insufficient for me, as always.
you know why? basically I've wasted up to 8hours to 'get a proper rest' (sleeps)
Back to topic,
I've been stucked in Pyramid for like more than 10hours on that day.
and the parking tic costs a bomb,8bucks.
Well, I shall not complain as if it's compared to Pavilion, Klcc.... the parking rate in Pyr is just fine.=.=
 Let's do LUNCH in pepper lunch.
ey, this line sounds familiar huh.
I'm a copy cat(sowhat), I copied it from the Italianies line 'Let's do lunch in Italianies!'
and now you nod head, no wonder sounds familiar ya huh...

 I wanted to try out Tutti Fruit in Pyr,
read few blogs and get to know the DIY yogurt, ahhh... dat's interesting.
but too bad, my stomach has no more space on that day, so din't get to enjoy the cup of self-making yoghurt.
Tutti Fruit some other time-Anyone?
  I love Bbq Plaza so much!
I think, I kena ElaineChai's influence.

Bought few tops,denim skirts and blablablahhh.
My lil bro & I We did shop like mad.
of course lah.
I was the one who kept swiping the GoldCard. ;X

Another day gone.
and hours ago, it was Saturdayyy...
and let see,
where did I go?
Got 'stucked' in  the curve for more than 6 hours.
So can I say...errr, I'm kinda sick of  shopping malls?
Sunday, ya Today!
you might be seeing me in The Gardens. MidValley :)


Beyonce - Sweet Dreams

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