Monday, February 8

what a fantastic Sunday !!!

hey first of all, I want you to know that this post is up-to-date!
ya Sunday, so yesterday it was.
Headed to midvalley around 1 and the traffic was smooth all way. Thank god.
when your stomach is empty, you just cant think of any other than foods. foods and still uh-huh foods.
I got no idea why people around love to torture  ask me for suggestions. you know, questions eg. 'where to eat' , 'where to go', 'what time going' 
I should be happy, because I actually love to decide. ahha.
well, lunch time!
'where to eat in Midvalley?'
my top hit restaurants/cafe like kimgary, zanmai, dragon-I, oh and not forgetting the Delicious...
 but, I'm just sick of going the same few restauranst and looking for what-to-eat on the familiar menus.
I need to try out something NEW.
and yeah!
 discover this 'Spaghetti' cafe and bar in Midvalley.
the same row as Chilies, Delicious... just walk further down....
 and Wow! the Lunch Set price is crazy cheap affordable and enuf to make us step into the restaurant.
                                       while waiting for the foods to be served........
                                    and hey look...
The foods - not bad. If for the price, it's just good enough.
and snap the last photo before we ciao.
 and we were here! 
                             to snap pictures huh?
no . no. we were there for iris, she went up to meet his daddy for 15minutes.

Tiger year, woohoo...
Let's pose like a Tiger! FAILED as you can seen above. lmao. don't laugh, so you think you can pose like one
                                        'Cny, Cny ... I can feel you.... coming really soon.....'

Off from mv around 6 and traffic was good! such a good day!
In the car, we were damn hyper and came out with a random thought.
what random thought? can you make a guess?

As planned, we went to search out few restaurants located near Bukit Jalil for . . .
Pre Chinese New Year Dinner
          Restaurant Oversea? a big no no without parents/relatives.
so we survey-ed few restaurants, and the price list above is the best of all.
so as to achieve everyone's budget, and this would be the best. hmmph... so ask me to forget abt this-shark fins soup is fine! :)
tell you what, we waited for so damn long for the first dish - Lou Sang
hmm.. luckily, the foods served made us feel like this ' well, worth.worth-waiting'
never thought the foods for this price will be that yummy. only thing is you have to bear with the SPICY part.

aww. we are just like a family! :)                   Pay rm228 and you will get to eat all above!
sangat worth! highlight : WORTH                              the two little girls in front are Ejinq's juniors. 
10 of us = a round table

and...after that....
remember I told you abt the random thought?
it's my first time been there, and really a great place to chill.
love the environment, love the companions.
Next update- Skybar
(I have to get those pics from stephieee first)

Stay tuned! :*)


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