Friday, March 26


I write this post for nothing. You can choose to ignore!
I find something weird in me, I don't love facebook anymore! If your my blog reader, it makes no sense that you don't know I can't access to my Hotmail & Fb.
yea FYI, I did create another Fb account but recently I go online, totally no urge in me to log onto Facebook. I used to be a facebook addict,a crazy one...
maybe, it has been the past?
Another thing, I hate myself for being silly? you know what, Im pretty sure that's impossible to hack my email/fb password on my own, but what heck did I still try so hard and go google search info about all these shits?

And when I was like 90% giving up, I received an email from Microsoft.
The content says something like, urh We have verified your identity and sent you a mail regarding the password reset code that you have requested. Please check your junk mail in case you cant find it inbox.
I didn't receive the mail they mentioned, swear! Thus, I replied to the mail but until now I got no reply!
Ahhhh.. mircosoft, why wanna give me hope? or would it be a false hope? *sob sob*
I really missed my old facebook and email account, I want them back!
oh ya, another thing is MSN. Seven hundreds contacts gone booo...
 Just wanna let you guys know that I'm not fine becos I lost connection with mua friends, err don't want continue anymore, later I emo emo. T.T
Can you see a 'Contact me' tab on the top of this page, write me a mail if you really dono how to reach me:P
                              In case you forget how do I look like, nah this is for you...
                                                                Stop here! Bye :)

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