Tuesday, March 23

New look!

can you spot the difference?
Haha. I cut my hair short as can be seen on the right. :P
Noooo! Don't get cheated.

The next day,
I was in the gardens with the family.
and suddenly, I was being random and told my sis 'hey,I want do something to my hair!'
'restyle?' she asked
'Exactly! I want cut my hair SHORT...'

The hair saloon - Centro @ the gardens
I didn't think twice and just because of one random thought, my long hair got chopped off =.=
Once seated, I started to tell myself Don't worry, trust her skills, it's gonna be alright.
The magazine was wide opened on my hands, but my eyes kept staring at the mirror.
 The side view of my new hairstyle.
So do I look younger now?
any comment on my new hairstyle?

'Always give yourself a try!' =B


  1. love ur new hair! :D

    i miss having my hair short =(
    my boyfriend don't let me cut my hair. hehhh


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