Wednesday, March 31

Chung-Ri's 21st birthday!

Sorry, this is an outdated post! :P
 The birthdays:
He (chung) - 22.3
She (ri) - 19.3

The celebration:
Date: 20-03-2010
Venue : Souled out,Sri hartamas

Both of them came kl to celebrate their special day with Iyens, one(she) from Johor and another one(he) all the way from kay tea. Great!!!
The cute jelly cake/cupcakes for them.

Why Souled out is chosen as the celebration place?
They made the birthday girl put the ugly-fugly thingy on head! LOL
and this big red monster sunglasses for the birthday boy.
(babying posed with the HUGE eye-wear,cute)
The love birds.
and my friends said 'no my face in the photo looks the best', so I gotta cover my face and leave only eyes to look at the cam. fair enough?
Long bill of the night!

i shall end this post with,

All of us *hearts*

Yumcha at Hartamas Square after that.
Expensive drinks, not worth it!

I'm going out nao,


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