Saturday, April 3

2 places for brunch, no kidding!

My family can eat alot, like seriously!
Zomg, FAT FAT ROUND FACE oh no......

1st makan place:
Ngau Kee Noodle House somewhere in Kepong
much oily yet I like
fish cakes, fish balls, fish maw in the soup
the QQ wantan mee, ohnom nom nom..

Sis drove us to Hilton Pj for the next round after that.
Special promo for citybank credit card users(she is)
just text something bla bla bla to get your rebate and you're now entitled to get 50% off per head for buffet lunch in hilton pj
Do your calculation,
Rm64++ = Rm32++
worth, isn't it?

I only able to snap few pics around, cos it'd be damn embarrassing when everyone busy queuing for foods but this girl busy taking photos, as if she pays just for the purpose of taking pics.
one of the corners you can see this
carrot cake, Penangite name it 'Char kuey kap' if not mistaken
look at the pic, it looks nice but is not!
so I only finished a quarter of it. yeee tasteless
I didn't bother to take even one, oysters just not my fav.:P
sorry for this low quality pic
the peking duck
poor duck, it was sliced down for the meat and wrapped inside v some veges by the pohpiah skin
No pics taken for:
- dimsum
- main course
- desserts, eg, tau foo fah, longan
- fruits
- noodles corner

even tho I ate only abit, I felt BLOATED max.
kinda wasted for paying 32++
all 'thanks' to my sista :P

Headed to the gardens right after, and chopped off my long curls at a saloon over there.
Remember my previous post ' I got new look'
the entry links with the pic below
short hair nao!

330am, off to bed...
Sweet dreams everyone!

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