Wednesday, March 3

A happy day!

Look! blardddy long queue, long queue!
Wondering what heck they doing?

now, let me tell you.
 They come for this!
ya, this coupon cut-out from Sunday Star!
and don't be surprised, I'm one of them in the queue.
Gsc premiere tickets wei, who doesn't want?
if you buy 4 at ticketing counter, they cost 80bucks woi!

okay, here comes your question 
"How was the movie like?''
It was surprisingly good. I never thought I'll like it.
uh-huh, if you know me well, you will probably know it's so not Wendy's type of movie!
I love those type, like errr, Girlish, fashion-relate with bimbos/bitches acting :P

'What's the movie about?'
With the fall of apartheid in South Africa, Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman) tries to unite his countrymen and bring peace by bringing the Rugby World Cup to his country.
It's again and again Rugby and their team spirit, how they achieve the sense of unity and victory!

If you're a sportsperson, strongly recommend you to catch this! *grins*
A happy day because 
- got my feet pampered (foot massage)
- free movie at Gsc Signature

more to come, eg Chap Goh Mei, Outings and so on ...
Stay tuned peeps!

Back for more!

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