Sunday, March 7

I'm so in love with Tutti-frutti's yoghurt!

hey y'all, doing great?
I'm sick of hitting malls nowadays, seriously!
Back to Thursday, my sista had off-day and guess wad?
we went 5 malls, ahha... No kidding! hebat, kan?
In the car, heading to KL area :)

at first, I talked-crapped-laughed alot, 
the Hitz DJ was being too nice to me at that time(He plays all my favosongs )
so I sang very loud and did a bit head movement, followed by body gestures dot dot dot.
until  I felt a touch on my lap,
and was told by mommy ' The city driver next to you laughing at you weh'
I turned my head to that direction,
and was like "cis, OLD hamsap ah pek'
then all in the car bombarded me 'He must be thinking this girl something wrong'
(all of them burst into laughter)
=.= Speechless!
so I stopped singing and all ...
took out my toy - Camera
and put on the Shiny Lip Gloss...
and started to think 'what to pose leh?'
 ahha... trying to pose like a DAYDREAMER!
(maybe I'm?)
 the innocent look
more like a Dumbo no? shut-ur-mouth-up!

And without realizing,  I was already inside Lot 10 parking zone!
ya, so the 1st mall - Lot 10
and I dragged mua sis and mommy to Times Square because I wanted to hunt for few cheap pieces...
halfway shopping, my mouth goes very itchy!
and my mind only can think of YOGHURT
so we were walking to directories and searching for Tutti-Frutti
 oh did I tell you that, I succeed in persuading mummy to walk from Lot 10 to Times instead of taking Monorail. We walked the shortcut access thru Sg.Wang
and that's why you can see my hair like siao cha boh!
 Fresh yoghurt and it melts softly in my mouth.
Love it :))))
this cup of yoghurt costs us RM 8.70 only (after 15% discount by just showing Hsbc credit card)

My daddy (who just finished watching his movie) at Pav called us after then.
so walked all the way from Times to Pavilion this time.
did a bit shopping over there,
and rushed back to Lot 10 to get the car.
Gosh, I ran like a mad because I wished not pay the ticket with the exceed of a minute or few minutes.
you know lah, Pav/lot 10 parking hour very expensive wei, for me lah~~~
ahha, lucky me!
and shouted to the parents(who taking their own sweet time)
'Hey, hurry up. Ticket paid and we gotta leave within 15 minutes'
and headed to the curve after dina.
 The next day, 
I had tutti-frutti in Pyramid, again huh? :D
told cha,
See my title for this post:
In love with the yoghurt bah!
What's so special?
Most of them fruit-based (mango, passionfruit, lychee, etc), with exceptions of varieties like green tea and chocolate, or just the plain original flavour. Just add on their selection of toppings like fresh fruits, mocchi, chocolate chips, chestnuts, almonds or cookies and you’re good to go! 
Tutti Frutti exercises a self-serve concept – choose as many flavours as you want and still pay an affordable price, because they charge 5.30 bucks per 100g. Try it out, maybe you will love it too? who knows!

Goodnight everyone :)

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  1. i never had yogurt at shopping malls before.. but it does look delicious =)


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