Thursday, March 11

I love spending time with them

The title says it all. And you start guessing, them? who're they?
In fact, I love spending time with everyone I love, it could be my family, my beloved friends or even you? :P
Before I continue writing, let me clarify the 'they' refers to my family!
Week ago, I was in KL. you knew it you saw me?
This time, we were not taking plane, Daddy drove all the way from KT!
Packed-got ready-and-set off!
 the caption makes you go DUH and =.='''' ?  
*heads down* don't scold don't curse, I know asking 'does she look like me?' this is kinda silly. Because, Sememangnya ku dlm gambar la tu!
I applied the peel-off mask on my face after 15 minutes on the road!
Dozed off afterward and the mask stayed for 2 hours!
Spot the hair color contrast?
HolyHorribleShit! :(
No kidding! My baby smells real good!

I camwhored shitload of pics in the car for the 4.5 hours journey!
You must be begging me don't show the vain pics please please!
Don't worry, I'm an understanding person, I won't want you to FAINT right after viewing my crazy-vainopics.

this year, we celebrated CHAP GOH MEI in KL instead.
scroll down to read 'How was this special occasion day of mine like'
Parked the car at Starhill :)
and just reached the mall, then the first place they looking for was the Washrooms!
*shake head* Bad Habit! Bad Habit!
I didn't, so I waited outside and this is what happened when I see a huge mirror right infront geekz.
Stunning lion dance performance that we caught in Pavilion
The performance anyhow makes our heart beats speed-up esp when they jump over the far gap ohh!
One of the CNY activities held in Pav - 'May your wishes come true'
They distributed love note which you can jot down all your wishes attached together with tangerine.
Throw the love note higher, higher (if you kiasu, keep on trying to throw it to the highest XD) 
so the chances of dreams wishes come true are higher
oh beautiful pink cherry blossom tree!
Hello mummy daddy (:

Off from PAV around 630am and headed to Ampang(opposite KLCC) for the dinner, Tai Thong Restaurant was the place.
Due to my forgetfulness, I left my cam in the car so dat's why no dina pictures to show you! boohoo.

After dina, we felt the same 'The night is still young', so sista came up with this idea 'Jom Go Temple'
Thean Hou Temple
The Thean Hou Temple is situated on the top of Robson Hill. To avoid jams on a slope, we parked downhill. Great! We gotta exercise, walked up and it was hell tiring I tell you. Though not very high, the initial ascent is quite steep.
Do you know that Thean Hou Temple is a building which has the richest features of Chinese Architectural beauty in Malaysia!

This dragon caught my first attention.
My very first time been there.
You can buy Mochi and Long-shou-tong inside the air-conditioned hall! They are freshly made on the spot!
The lantern
Nice edit, no? 
Dear fortune bridge, I want good luck with me all the time and it'd be good if you let me have a great year ahead!
Got so frustrated because the souvenir stalls so packed with people sumo the air ventilation sucks!
The sweet family
Alamak, *bang head on the keyboard* forgot my elder bro :P

p/s : if youre interested to go Thean Hou Temple, click this (english version)
Alright, I have done my part sharing 'The chap goh meh celebration' with you :)
How about Day2, Day 3 and the following days spent in KL?
Basically, the major was all about SHOPPING, GOOD FOODS & MOVIES! yay yay ^^

now I share with euu this - FOODS
Don't drive continuously like a mad cow if you have a few hundreds kilometers more to go.
Take a break, either 5 mins coffee break or eat for stomach-filling will do!
Above - a Chinese Restaurant at Bukit Tinggi
thumb up for the tasteful foods and when you are served with oh-juicy-baby-papaya, give them a double thumb-ups!
Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin gets so colorful with anchovies, green peas, corns & chili paddies!
Lala Chong Seafood Restaurant, Ara Damansara
Oh seafood, I told myself not to eat you too much!
The traditional Yong Tau Foo at Ampang Village
Smile evilly when you see foods huh?
Ice cream always the best dessert (not for me tho)
 Gelatomio (exclusively in Pavilion's outlet)offers to its customers a fresh-made Gelato (ice-cream), natural in all its ingredients, strictly not containing any animal fat, no colorant and no preservatives.
I love breads and cheese cups from The Loaf! :)
Sis hosted a party, sorta house warming party at her new house.
I was busy helping out (No, I LIED!!! :P)

Besides that, we went for Foot Massage at Aman Suria!
This pic is not related to massage tho. 

of MOVIES i've watched!
72 Tenants of Prosperity
so many TVB famous actors & actresses teehee..
'Will the love of the new generation solve the rivalry of the older generation?'
I got so excited when I saw her in the movie. 
Kate Tsui is my TVB idol,
sizzling hot, sexy, pretty !

To know more about the movie, watch:

The another film,
Here Comes Fortune
It is about the God of Fortune coming down from heaven to spread some love and wealth to humans in need!
 Well done Alam Tam, such a hilarious movie.


And also this,
I like this the most!!!
Percy Jackson & The Lighting Thief
A teenager discovers he's the descendant of a Greek god and sets out on an adventure to settle an on-going battle between the gods...
Watch the movie trailer :

okay, finally tis post comes to an end!
 This is such a long post :D
Emo face yet I likeit :)
I hate pinching, PAIN!!!
argh... I shall stop here! Bai and goodnitez!

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Girls, you never know what they're going to think by J.D.Salinger


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