Tuesday, March 9

I am upset! ;'(

Someone hacked my Hotmail Account & Facebook, damnit! It happened yesterday midnight around 2am when I was blogging!
I go back to Fb and it stated You've to log in for that page. arghhh.. something lik this.
And then, I key in my pass and try to log in, but FAILED!
then I clicked 'RESET MY PASS' and go to http://www.hotmail.com/
No worries at all for that particular time because my facebook has been hacked for many times not only once,
but everytime it goes back to normal when I sign in my hotmail and get the confirmation code then reset it! Done, that's it!
so I thought this time it will be the same....
whoknows, it's just not!!!
this time, I can't even sign in my hotmail account which is w3ndy1989@hotmail.com
I tried clicking 'forgot password' and the really smart fella has changed my security question!
'What's your first pet name?' Dang, I swear I will never set ths kinda question becos I got animals-phobia.

Who the hell did that to me! I got really pissed off.
and thinking of how to re-create FB and set up my msn all this... it's so damn annoying!!!!
or if you have the same experience, share with me how you felt and what's ur next step k?
I WANT BACK MY FACEBOOK ACC, HOTMAIL ACC and MSN, desperately!!!!(i noe its kinda impossible! wake up wendy face the reality!)
all gone in a climpse of time!!!
*Thank god I still have my blog & twitter to express....*

Can you make me a happy girl? teach me what should I do.. or maybe cheer me up!


  1. Lodge a report wth Hotmail about the hack, chances are, you might be able to recover it base on previous records.

    But knowing how free email account work. You might not be able to recover it if the hack was done properly, only thing to do is create a new account.

    Facebook is also similar, quite a lot of things to do in order to regain access to your facebook. But never give up, i'm sure your friends will be able to vouched for your authenticity for the profile.

    In the meantime, start changing all your passwords to something more complex if you have been using the same password for everything you do online.

  2. How about checking your computer for any keyloggerss, spywares, malwares, etc. They are the major culprit behind information leak.

    and yes i do agree with Michael, lodging reports to Hotmail are a must to get back your accounts, try to ask them to compare between the usual IP logs and the time when the information in your account are being changed.

    I am sure there have system logs. Hope my comment are helpful =P

  3. Oh, im not an IT expert, but..so sorry to hear what that dreadful hacker did to you. It's very cruel!

  4. Dear:
    Michael, thanks for ur advice. I have done so for reporting stuffs. and luckily have your reminder, I changed passwords for network like twitter and blogger! thank you so much :)

    Alvinchiew, my laptop don't have all those software tho. Ya, your comment really helpful(as I never think of this-to compare btween the usual IP logs) Appreciate your says !

    Msxeroz, what to do. Can only face the reality :<


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