Tuesday, March 23

No Sweat!

This is an advertorial for Project Alpha Season 2
Okay look! This is a warning sign from me if I see anyone who's sweating walks towards me.
'Make sure you're dry and clean just approach me!'
This is a fact, I just hate sweats. So I always bring tissue packs and handkerchief along for own sake.
I don't like to get squeezed in the crowd, oh-the-terrible-smell-and-sweats, totally unbearable!
This scenario can be likely seen in a packed Ktm, bus or dance floor in the club.
If you are someone who sweats alot, please.. please always have tissue with you and wipe off the sweats. 
or perhaps try to use Adidas Action 3 Fresh Anti Perspirant Spray
What's so special about this FRESH:
  1. 24hours of protection against perspiration
  2. New Dry Max system technology for extra-wetness absorption
  3. Cooling Fragrance that leaves you with that just showered feeling when the heat is on
  4. Special anti-whitening material to minimize while mark on skin and clothes
  5. 0% alcohol - pH respect - dermo tested
Grab one today to feel fresh all-day-long.
Sports? Outings? go ahead with no worries =)
oh and if you have tried it on and its good, introduce and let more people know about this product kay. why not? 

 People, let's smile and say No Sweat! =)

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at www.projectalpha.com.my/auditions

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