Tuesday, April 13

2010 birthday post for Ms.Heng

This is my first uploaded FB profile pic.
Me hearts the girl next to me.
Still the same girl as above, the only difference you can spot is the hairstyle.
13th of April for 2 years, I never missed out her birthday post in my blog.
So, I'm here doing the same thing again this year! (:
She is one of my closest friends in high school and our good gan cheng still remain the same okay.
The swimming session at Lui's condo, and the photo made all of us so adorable. 
Credit to you, the photo woman also known as Heng E-Yun!
(ey, see the caption box look like your fav. clover leaf anot?but this design is a 5-leaf clover la! ahha)
Aww. The caption speaks out itself, we always eat, share laughter, sleep on d same bed, shop shop shop etc.
Memories flashback, an awesome thing for me!

And look at the photo below,
the antique photo effect,
with this effect, it simply means no expiry date for our friendship, it lasts forever. Till you old, I still love you.*blushing*
haha, member steady la kita gang-gang --> allergic towards these? I love to say it I don care, blekkk :P
Miss heng.
Glad to know I'm able to make it for your 21st celebration wuhoooo..

Signing off,


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