Monday, April 19

My version of grooming tips!

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Alright, I'm here to share with you how to 'groom' daily.
Alright, you must find it weird for me to say groom because grooming this word more appropriate for pets?
Now when I say GROOM I mean keep the body cleaned and maintained.
Why do humans need grooming? uh-huh, to leave a good impression to everyone.
Imagine if you didn't comb your hair, wear dirty shirt, spit everywhere etc, people will only think of ONE thing when you go near them. The ONE thing on their minds is 'Euwww, please get far far away from me'

Get back to topic,
my grooming tips would be:
  • Take shower at least twice a day
  • Brush up everyday
  • Wear right outfits for right occasion (you wont put on casual wear to some theme parties right?)
  • Spray on the perfume or anti perspirant , in this case...
Adidas Action 3 is strongly recommended!
Remember there are variant types for you to choose : 
pro clear, intensive, sensitive, pure. fresh and control
If you smell good, its likely that more people want to talk to you/go near you

Few simple tips for you to have a good appearance!

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Epi 1:

Epi 2:
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