Thursday, April 22

The 6bucks cutie.

I only done unpacking one luggage, there are 5 more left.
and I discovered many brand new skirts/dresses(I have never worn them) in the bag. Gosh, I got this disease of buying without thinking much, shyyyttt no wonder my saving plan always failed fml.
Anyway, I found this cutie,which is sandwiched in between of the baju(s), damn kesian.
I had spin wash it in the washing machine, and even sprayed perfume on it.
I remember this cutie, it costs me 6bucks from the Memory Lane.
Her another two siblings are with Riri and Leehow, I wonder do they have a good owner?

I was cracking my head to get a beautiful name for this cutie.
Call her Serene! hoolalaa, Serene is my pet name,too in the pet's society.
Serine damn lan c, I've got no idea why I still sayang her wholeheartedly!

I got this crazy urge recently, which you think I might have gone insane.
I feel like adopting a pet, doggie.
Yeshhh...youu didn't hear it wrongly, I know it sounds unbelievable because I always chicken-out when I saw any moving hairy things go near me.
My sis's friend offers her a Shih Tzu doggy F.O.C 
(Nana's hse oso has shih tzu leh)
The description is something like errr, the shih tzu is very small in size, pure white in color.
I can imagine that, adorable to the max lah!
But I know, I won't be able to take care if I adopt because the first thing, I can't overcome my fear towards almost all pets in this world XD. Okay, I shall not think about it, get it off my head puh-leaseeee.
yerrrr, seriously wanna reject the offer huh? 

Oh know what. I was on The Star R.a.g.e section last week!
so lucky to be the featured blogger of the previous week,
nothing special because 3 bloggers will be chosen to feature every week!
So don't email me and ask if that was me.It was darn funny when I received emails asking question like Is that you?
Of course me la, excuse me my face still the same rite.(err maybe abit rounder lols) and I had curly hair before this bah. :X

okay, Bai Bai!


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