Wednesday, April 21

Jake's Charbroil Steak House

My weekend was great, how about you? Tell you what, the most satisfied meal I had for the entire week would be the one in Jake's. When my dad suggested to have a western cuisine dining, I was damn hyper. If you know me well, you should know that Korean food is my top favourite and followed by Western food.

We drove all the way from Bukit Bintang to Medan Damansara. There is actually another outlet located at Starhill, but we went to the Medan's one instead. I did not know the Jake's is just next to the Victoria Station until I was told by the manager on the phone.
This is one of the pages you can find in the Menu.
damn smart right include this in the menu, so you will go like this 'Beef is good, order more!'
hey wait, don't you know that excessive beef taking is not good for health wei.
If you are a beef lover like me yet get confused with the parts -eg, tenderloin/ sirloin/ribeye 
and this illustration of bovine anatomy of the cow can solve your problem.
Now you can order what you exactly want for the steak.
Thumbs up for both of the fish and chicken.
I ordered these because I find these are the most reasonable prices(which I can afford) in the steak house, as if I'm gonna foot the bill =.=''' I'm a good daughter, save for daddy bah!
What about this? ok, I admit I lied, I ordered this as well :P
We ordered 2 portions for this.
know what, this Australian Wagyu is strongly recommended by the waitress
'Wagyu is the 2nd top beef in the world(according to her) and blablablahhh.....'
Well, it's undeniable that the recommendation is good, because the beef is so tender so juicy...(once you eaten, you will feel like in a heaven)
Of course, such a nice steak deserves a 'nice' pay, Rm168++ per plate ops.okay.
Another lip-smacking 50% grilled steak.
According to the waitress, the US type of beef is nice too just that Australian Wagyu is the best.
She kept emphasizing and promoting about WAGYU beef lah, annoying much.
The US brand of beef is slightly cheaper(almost half of the price of Wagyu)than the Wagyu which costs RM98++ 
She is right, WAGYU is the best(tht's why the price is killing high too)
When you eat for both types of steak, you can really feel the difference believe me!
everything over there is pricey, enough said.
Don't care la, spot me greedily/happily eating.
I love beeeeeeeef so much...

If you wanna go try out Jake's,
can you bring me along and offer me a treat please, I appreciate that muahhahaaa....*evil grins*

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