Sunday, April 4

Another great day!

I gray-scaled the entire pic and left colours focused only on tht bowl of noodle.
Not any plain noodle. *sniff sniff*
If you not yet eaten, my advice is don't continue reading :X
'Ang Chow' Mee suah
(rice vermicelli in chicken and rice wine soup)
are you drooling now? XD
they were served hot, and you just can't resist the good smell.
The wrapper is a thin,soupy batter.
The Fuchow Cake is stuffed with minced pork, seaweed, chinese chives, chopped prawn.
They only cost you Rm1 each
Even the fishball has its specialty.

Well, double thumbs up for the delicious lunch.
People, go have a bowl of Ang Chow Mee Suah !
for your convenience,
I;ve pasted the address as below:
Taste of Foochow, 14 Jalan Gajah (off Jalan Yew), Pudu, Kuala Lumpur
 Still unsure how to get there?
try to call 03-9281-8788.
(I think it's my pleasure to share nice food with you readers ^^ )

Went Pavilion for a facial treat in Adonis
(I love Adonis facials and their service just superb!)
It's unfair to just pamper my face,
thus, the family decided to get FOOT MASSAGE
we drove all the way back to Pj (Aman Suria)
My pwetty sista.
I felt relaxing and satisfied for an hour foot massaging.
Another satisfactory point- 5 of us had the service during Happy hour and paid only RM100 in total!

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