Friday, April 23

'I owe you a treat'

The title is anyhow related to Sookyee. If you thought she has been bugging me for a meal treat, you're wrong. In fact, she is the one who owes me a treat, and the one who reminds me about that LOL. So yesterday night, we went for dinner together and she paid for it. Thanks darling, mwah*
The Seoul Garden @ Kuchai Lama
Look at these, aren't they look the same? The only difference is that there are two Prawns inside the seafood ones. Apa lah?
Sookyee & Eugene
Dessert after food is always great, awesome max!
The mango snow ice so swwweeet, it melts my heart...

Just a short update before going out!
See you! :*D

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