Sunday, April 25

The everloving Saturday!

Yesterday was a 'Pyramid Day' for me.Why? I entered the car park zone of that mall in and out for twice okay.
I've watched 'Ice Kacang Puppy Love', which I think is very draggy, hmm overall the movie is okay, not much to comment about it.
The second time I entered pyramid parking zone again was for dinner purpose. Guess who I had my dinner with? :D
She made me wait in the car for 10 minutes, still okay... at least she's better than the Cynnie. :P
If you're gonna drive Cyn out, beta inform her like an hour before? She take forever to get prepared one you know.
I wonder if all Kuching people also the same - that slow motion? LOL

It was long long ago since we last met. Hooray, like finally we got to meet up!
She was craving for Peanut Soup, which at first I tot it was a type of dessert, who knows it actually meant Lotus Chicken Soup. Thus, the restaurant next to Kimgary was the place we had our dinner.
Too bad, there not even a peanut inside the soup, but still the soup tastes good, for both of us.

After dina, we still have time to go for SHOPPING. to be more appropriate, I should say Window Shopping.
Camwhored in the washroom. 
See the blur photo on the left, alamak my lousy camwhoring skill.

She wanna get a maxi dress, but can't really find one.
There's one maxi spotted in Teetoo boutique.
The trendy maxi dress tag in Rm99, abit pricey which both of us think not worth to get it.
So basically, we just Chee-Chakkk (the camera sound) in the fitting room.

Okay,you may skip the pictures below. I scared it hurts your eyes muahaha..
Both of us busy camwhoring, as if there's no one waiting outside. We just Don't Care, Don't care!!!
so next time if you happen to wait outside the fitting room and get fed up, try to cough 'erhemm'(I always do this:P), sorta giving signal to the people inside. 
And maybe you will see the one who walks out from the fitting room is me, yes I might be the person who made you wait for so zomg long outside soreee.
Try to take photos from different angles even tho you probably find yourself look the best in the right side view. 

Okay, last pic.
It was nice to catch up with you, Cassandraaaaa...
Don't forget our promise- go shopping together, soon! 

Lastly, loooook! :)
it's tonight, you know what to do right!

no please don't rain! I want go swimming :(

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  1. py-py-py-py-pyramid ?
    next time i gonna eheeeerrrrmmm loud loud XD


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