Monday, April 5

My Favourite Sport

This is an advertorial for Project Alpha Season 2

ok guys, do you have selective sports to play on the routine?
like maybe badminton, futsal, swimming etc.

For me, I'm not a sports-person(can see from my face), if you ask me what's my favourite sport,
I'd say this.

Afterall, cycling has so many benefits like
a. Good for heart and health
b. Can help with weight management
c. Can improve my mood(I feel good everytime after cycling)
d. Can help to maintain strength and coordination
e. Improve fitness

Cycling is great, anyone wants to go with me?
Btw, don't forget to bring along Adidas anti-perspirant!

Adidas present you the new Action Three! The dry max system keeps you dry, helps you block sweat, absorbs extra wetness and up to 40% more efficiency! Cool, spray it on and feel fresh all day long! Shoo shoo smelliness! Say bye bye to unpleasant smell and it enhances your self esteem, you will feel great everyday!
Grab one today!

There are few types for you to choose, so be smart and choose the one which suits you/ your friend more.
1. Intensive
    - Extra protection against perspiration

2. Control
    - Comfortable protection against perspiration

3. Sensitive
   - Caring protection against perspiration

4. Fresh 
   - Cooling protection against perspiration

5. Pure
   - Unscented protection against perspiration

6. Protection 
   - Protection against perspiration for athletes only!

Is your fav sport cycling too? *high 5* do let me know if you do!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

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