Thursday, April 8

Stephie is 21 now!

Happy 21st Birthday
Stephanieeeee (I know you love PINK)

We love to squeeze in the same fitting room even there are so many available rooms,
its loving to see each other changing and camwhoring huh?

You have changed so much from the first day I met you,girl!
it's a GOOD change
don't worry ^.^
Apparently, the change everyone could notice about is that you camwhore more and even more
and your getting super duper VAIN! :P
back to one random old day, I still rmb this girl(with her weird look) and asked shiennee 'yer,why you take own pic in the public one?'
and so now, stephie look at yourself, you did that too! :P
ahha, you look like our 'Tai Ka Che' and abit ahma here :X
from the picture, can see the height difference? Shorts versus Tall
 so wherever she goes,just easily get spotted!
godknows how much fun we had in Pg woohoo!
Smelly kakies.
We did so many vain things togeta,
etc, putting on shining lip gloss like ABOVE
sexc lips which are not edible please!

Good memories of Ours always been kept in mua heart,
my heart always have you,
my mind cant stop thinking of you,
because you're my best friend!!!!
I know you love me,
say say say you love me!!!
can't celebrate for you this year again sob sob ...
but I know you will have a blast celebration because you have ya family v euu...
Happy birthday to my dearest Stephie
shouting from kay tea to Sibu, I know you can hear it :P

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