Thursday, May 20

Restaurant Yakiniku, Pandan Indah

I've been wanting to go that restaurant since a month ago,
Cheeserland & Jloi blogged about the food over there, oh the BBQ caught my attention.
I love to eat barbecued food(hint: invite me to bbq party), hmm bbq plaza is my favourite.
the crunchy thin slice of pork, you just won't get enough of it.
as the consequence, you will keep ordering w/o realizing.
Drag the pork/chic to the aluminium grill, turn both side for equal grill, wait for less than 3 minutes, and fork it to your mouth, IMAGINE IMAGINE damn nice ryte!
I personally think that the BBQ set is the best one
how about the ala-carte dishes eg, kimchi soup, fried rice
I would say, 'SO SO'.

I will definitely go again for the BBQ set, yummylicious^^

after the heavy dinner, we went home to get dolled up!
Will blog about it soon:)
so you shud know wad's the purpose of dolling-up,no?

Stay tuned for the next post!

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