Wednesday, May 26

Mist Club

I have been MIA for quite some time, I know.
For the past few days, I was really busy, actually I did not know the reason for being busy, just have no time to go online. Hardly even find the mood to sit down, to filter pics and blog.
As I have promised you readers to continue my post on the Mist Club, here you go!
p/s: There are like 100 over pics, it's not an easy job to decide which pic to be up here you know.
it was Efreet's 20th big day, an occasion party!
The birthday girl is the one with heart printed black top.
We were told to be there by 11pm, and reached there around 1115pm, still seeing NO ONE.
as in None of the gang turned up except 5 of us, thought we were late and who knows... =.=
Our special guest, the super star Danny karlin.

3tables, with approx. 29 people were there, to rock the night with the birthday gal!
The traditional starter - 'Yummmmmmm seng'

and hey,
they completely go wild and crazy.
the above depicts the craziness of the bunch.
A half face covered, you hafta give that kinda embarrassed idiot look if your caught underage in the club.
No, I won't get caught cos my age is perfectly LEGAL.

you want more crazy scene?
like this?


or you'd prefer seeing camera-alert person.
yours truly is wayyy too alert to the camera =.O

more smiles with different people ^^
if you're happy, please don't kedekut to give a smile :D

Po...po..serrrr... POSER 

 I shall end this with,
tadaaaa the cake & bday girl.
POOR MINI CAKE was thrown away 5 minutes after the candles blowing session,
no outside food allowed in the club bah, so the cake just gone like that =.=''''
never mind, not like I'm a cake person, I don't really eat cake except Jelly/Ice cream/Pandan cake :)

Hope you really had a memorable 20th with us :D

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