Tuesday, May 11

Starworld casino, First World Hotel

 (Let me write this post in Malay language)
Satu hari, lima pemuda pergi ke Genting Highlands untuk mencuba nasib.
Dah lah kata cuba nasib dan tengok tajuk atas, kan you dah tahu Casino itu tempat penujuan kami.
Mahu masuk Casino, tapi antaranya ada 2 gadis yang tak cukup bulan umur, yang lainnya no problem(1 umur 22, 2 itu baru sahaja cukup umur)
Nasib baiknya, dengan taktik-taktik godaan oleh Lee how & Cheryl, SEMUA boleh masuk casino.Shhhhhh...
yay, sorakan kegembiraan, itu merupakan Pertama Kali menjejaki Casino bagi kami.
Okay lah, *scathing head hard* , I cannot write anymore.

The 2 lucky guys, each of them won Rm500! Gawd, this is so unfair.
I burnt a minor hole of my purse in the casino. T.T
Never mind, I believe LUCK will be with me maybe next time? Huat~
People, next time before going casino,
here are some tips might grant you to win till you ki siao.
1. Wear Red panty/lingerie
2. Pray hard before you enter
3. Have sufficient sleep the day before
4. Do drop by Tan Sri (Dr) Lim Goh Tong Memorial Hall 
5. Keep smiling in the casino :D
All the best, and if you win a lot I don't mind you share the $$$ with me :P

If, I mean If, you lose $$$, *touch wood*, that's not your day, but remember to SMILE, trust me, you will go HUAT next time LOL
SMILE like these people:
hey wait, you really want go casino to try your luck? A piece of advice from yours truly: do get one adviser next to you, tell him/her to CONTROL you. Don't be too greedy, you might hurt your wallet in the end :)

Gambling: The sure way of getting nothing for something by Wilson Mizner

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