Tuesday, May 11

to my dear friend,

 6th May, I know this is a belated birthday post :P
it's always better late than never, good excuse!
I think not many actually remember your name is Wendy(not bad hor I still rmb)

I miss you so so much, I realized something, since we left chung hwa wei sin, we hardly meet up.
1 year only got like LESS THAN 10 times seeing you, how sad :(
This year can't celebrate ur big day again,
great to know that you had a blast 21st, 
and I can imagine you received a lot a lot presents from your students, so Iyen no nid give ed rite?

I ♥ you hiao po


p/s: I just realized that I have never, never missed out any of Iyens' 21st bday post! is it a good thing?

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