Thursday, June 24

IR1968 Food Review

I was invited by Lisa & Henry to go for d food review.
I was like pleasure, why not?

The restaurant: IR1968 Indochine Restaurant & Bar
which is located at Terrace Hock Choon
as I was unsure about the location, so I search the place on facebook.
and look!
the profile picture has attracted me.
when I saw this, it doubles up my excitement! I want go IR1968!
The 1st Indonesian restaurant was born on Yun Ping Road,Causeway Bay at HK,year 1968.
They serve Indonesian and Chinese cuisine.
A very relaxing atmosphere, nice deco!
with such a great ambience, you can enjoy a great dining experience. Hmmm, bring your family, friends, partner or whosoever to IR1968, they will definitely love it! =)
Miss Debbie Goh, also known as Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 1998.
Catch her on  Age Of Glory 2 - 情牵南洋 at NTV7 from Monday to Thursday 10-11pm!
Mr Hudson Chang, the co-owner of IR1968. Look, he was explaining the history of IR1968 and the passion of serving Indo plus Chinese food.
Nice to meet both of them! :)

as you can see, so many plates of food occupied the long long tables.
hey, don't tell me you're drooling :P
alright, let's hv a few drinks first before I go to food part! 
Top LEFT : Fresh Peach Tea -you can sip a great taste of Peach flavour, Peach Lovers this is for you and it only costs RM12
Top RIGHT : Ice Lemongrass Ginger Tea - Ginger plus Lemongrass, the taste is good and beyond the words. RM10
Bottom LEFT : Mango Kiwi Drink, a perfect combination of a little sweet and sour, healthy with only RM12
Bottom RIGHT : Sour Plum Juice, it enhances your appetite, order one with the price of RM12 before you start ya meal!

Stomach growling? Chill, chill now I serve you the food.
*Drum rolls*
The starter:
Gado Gado (RM18) -  An Indonesian salad with bean curd, bean sprout, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, potato, egg, prawn cracker with their very own made peanut sauce. 
Perkedel Jagung (RM15) - A homemade Indonesian Shrimp Corn Cake, when you have the first bite, you just won't get enoughhhh...

Next, tasty Soup!
1. Sop Bontot, or you call it Indonesian Ox Tail Soup (Rm12 per pax) highly recommended
2. Sop Wanton, Chinese Double Boiled Prawn Soup with Wanton (Rm15 per pax)
3. Chinese double boiled Shark's Bone soup, it's quite creamy with shark fin added, a typical Chinese Cuisie. (Rm20 per pax)

Now I will stuff you with the d-licious food! Make sure you finish it aite ")
Ikan Asam, double 'S' - Spicy & Sour.
Ayam Asam Kacang - A special dish with peanut and plum sauce combination
Sotong Kuning Goreng - fresh squid deep fried with yellow ginger, salt and pepper.
Oh my, I love this! Worth the ringgit 38!
Tauhu Goreng TelorFried bean-curd and egg with peanut sauce
Nasi Goreng Special
why special? with two pieces of Chicken Satay, fried egg and prawn cracker.
Ohnomnom, you will feel like ordering the 2nd plate!
Nasi Kuning Campur
it smells good, the plate of 'Kuning' comes with beef rendang, fried chicken, fried eggs and the crackers.
At Indonesia, the residents only have Nasi Kuning on every Sunday, it's their tradition!
well, this plate costs RM25

Last but no least,
You shan't leave IR1968 without having a taste of.....
Semur Lidah - the top rated signature dish
it's actually grilled Ox tongue, and dip with the semur sauce.
Most of the customers LOVE this, order one plate of Semur Lidah, and you might be another customer who falls deeply in love with it.
It's just....... lipsmackinggood!
As a sign of appreciation, we compiled the feedback into a comment card, and also the signatures from all of us bloggers to be inserted to the wooden frame. The masterpiece works all prepared by the organizer Lisa and presented to the owners, Mr.Hudson and Ms.Debbie Goh.
They were surprised to receive that, and next time if you happen to visit IR1968, don't forget to search for my signature in the frame, it was hung near the cashier counter, look for it yea!
Thumbs up for IR1968! Baboon, yours trulyLisaToninJayleo Taufulou & Vialentino... WE love it!

Wanna go try out at IR1968?
here's a map for you, hope it helps =)
it's very near to VICTORIA STATION (ampang outlet),
when you see victoria's on your left, turn in and you'll see the terrace!

IR1968 Reservation no. 03-21413550 or 017-8832160

FYI, there are 50 free car parking lot just next to the restaurant. Thus, you can dine in easily and no worries about where to park ya car :)

 p/s: Most of the photos above are taken from Henry's blog, and a few of them are from either Lisa's , Vialentino's or Baboon's blog!

Thanks again for the invitation, Henry & Lisa!
and nice to meet you bloggers =)


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