Friday, June 25

the weather is hot!

It's really hot. The uber heat made me feel like I'm gonna 'melt'(okay, take me as an ice cream)if I cont staying/walking outside for the another hour.
The worse thing is that I don't sweat much if compared to a normal person.
Fine, I'm abnormal =.= 
I think I might be severely dehydrated or something must be wrong with the sweat gland for its malfunction.
 Please always advise or remind me to drink water.

If you have followed me on twitter, you should know that I was stoning in front of the laptop haf an hour ago!
...hmm...until I grab something on hand... which is the external HD.
 I dug out the pic folders from the external hard drive, I view some of the old pictures, and I laugh out VERY LOUD.
well not gonna tell you why I laughed blueek. 
maybe later? I promise to blog about it later.stay tuned by then!
oh....I gotta go.. it's dinner time, but my stomach has no space for new food. I know how, I will take my own sweet time to shower, to change, whatever la try my best to drag time before going out for dinner.
I set this as my laptop wallpaper *grins*

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