Wednesday, June 23

Party in the space.

so damn cool partying with the aliens in the space.
Booo ya right! not the real space, yah you knew it was just the space club located at KL, didn't you?
The venue of d plan was such a dramatic change, from Zouk, then Mist, in the end Space.
Sad to tell you that The Space is very disappointing, neither hot chics nor guys can be spotted in d club, lousy Deejay, blablablahhhhhh.... I'm so sorry (Cheryl) for organizing such a WONDERFUL place as ya farewell. :'(
Don't go SPACE peeps,
it's just not fantastic as the name sounds to be one.
An event created on FB to invite all her lovely friends.
and I notice that people tend to ignore the event list on the page, wads the problem lah!
In the car, I was like 'hey camwhore camwhore before the make-up destroys(the sweats)'
sat in between of Sherli & May, yea they are all the way from Nilai =)

the cute friend of mine, Jordan who drove us there!
he's funny, damn farneeey, CUTE!

a million thanks to my friend, Asvatha.
He works part time as a public relation for a few clubs, if ya want go clubbing, find him to get the best deal :P
Click
and if you love this post, tick 'Ilovethis' at the end of my post thankiu =)

Entered the club at 1205am, well I didn't noe the 5mins actually made us pay even more!
why? 'the OPEN BOTTLE promotion for Happy Hour is from 10-12am,  It has just ended'
=....= what the holy crap!

from the left, Vyin, Charmaine(her friend),Chew and girlfriend, me, eevon
 TERRENCE CHONG is kewt here by sticking out his tongue :P
hahhaha, I owes SEMPAT TO POSE!

and next pic....
show you the BOMB!
the VIP of the night Cheryl K.O
poor girl....:P.*pat pat*

yeeesh, the party ends and yours truly is still Sober,very SOBER.I can even jump around 100 times!
isn't it a proud thing to share it?
LOL, and when you actually know the reason behind, you will call me a loser. 
wanna know? ask Tancheeming / Simeevon :P

Goodbyes are not forever.

Goodbyes are not the end.

They simply mean I'll miss you

Until we meet again!

Cherylaisi  .....tyee
I actually missed you alot! *blushing*

Stay tuned for more! B)

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