Tuesday, June 15

AMBP Extreme Challenge

AMBP stands for all Malaysians Blogger Project.
AMBP, in collaboration with Sunway Lagoon, is proud to present the very first AMBP Xtreme Challenge, which is based on the popular TV reality series "The Amazing Race".
A challenge which I've had one of the most memorable experiences in life.
It took place at Sunway Lagoon on June5.
My team was INVITED to prove what it takes to sit (or run, or ride, or slide) through the many attractions that Sunway Lagoon’s theme parks - Water Park, Amusement Park, Extreme Park, Scream Park & Wildlife Park – can offer us.

Yours truly :)
who's very semangat to make appearance to all those challenging events.
I was busy asking the passer-by 'Mind helping me to take pic?' while my team mates very busy twisting brain to solve the station clues.
Every team was required to complete more than 10 different tasks such as challenging Sunway Lagoon's Professional Paintball Marshalls in a paintball game, racing in a go-kart, catching water balloons in the River Rapid, or kissing a snake. and even G-force (I can fly like a superman)!
All F.O.C
The mountain ride, my very first time.
I can't handle the bike very well, and got to stop halfway. Don't laugh la puh-lease... :(

The love birds in my team.
Our team rank no.7 out of 20 teams!
Another team mate- Cesium help us to capture this 'Shiny' moment during prize presentation.
I merajuk my team mates 'We shud play harder den can be the champion one lol'
They gave me that kinda funny/weird look 'hahaha.Who ask you walk damn 'fast'!'
Soree, but I think having fun is much more important than achieving victory.
Agree with me?
not only Free Buffet Breakfast, Free Buffet Lunch, eventually we got home with the vouchers as seen above.
I pay 0cent during the event, everything fully sponsored by Sunway Lagoon management. Awesome Max!

I shall end this post with...
Heh-piiii faces.

To conclude, what you really need here is a little sense of adventure, a huge sense of humour, and an awesome sense of direction. Of course, the Ohm, the team spirit on the goal!

All thanks to this Xtreme Challenge,
'I kissed a snake and I like it'
a real SNAKE wey in order to get a stamp for that station ZOMG!
my skin is one tone darker nao. (regret for not using sunblock)

More to come, stay tuned peeps! :*D


  1. wow...wat a great adventure u had...love the buggy riding...nice to meet u last night and nice interesting bloggie u have

  2. ooo...just got to know that this is your blog..kekeke,

    at last get to see you in person last nite~


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