Saturday, July 10

Pantai Penarik

the beautiful and unnhabited stretches of beach is located at Terengganu.
okay by reading that line, you should know it's another outdated post as I'm back in KL.
once reached, I thought the beach and this classic design of 'Atap House' is the shooting place.
and heck shoot me wrong, the main shooting place is...

this one.
The-Still-Under-Renovation Resort.
cool man, we got to enter the site and a guide to bring us around and give explanation.
Biasa la kalau ada kenalan, all thanks to efreet!
The chalets all have special names like Gong Badak, Durian Burung (trg famous places) etc.

and I only able to take a few pics with my compact cammie,
then I pass the memory card to efreet, which is the one very blur who owes forgot to insert memory card into her DSLR. =.=

Now, I will leave you with the pictures and brief captions :)
the Poser 1. 2. and 3.
and I guess the most POSER award goes to this girl:
that's me, wtf

......speechless rite...bunga also tak lepaskan!
The shadow.

I personally LIKE this, very got FEEL!

ms.Sim 'Satu-Mangkuk'
if you go yumcha with her, you will notice that her hands must hold something, she will then play with the thing.
Cute little girl!
Ms. Tan Ri-ri.
never stop Smiling =)
candid shot.
the Tree girls

and now, time to show you the VERY COOL PHOTOGRAPHERS

Efreet fuuu..
the small hot chilly

Mr. Monitor Tan Chee Ming

if you wanna see more cool pitchas of Penarik,
wait ...just wait...
they are managing and designing their combined blog,
NEW BLOG(by them) hot on the stove soon,
nice photos just worth waiting, no?
I promise, I will share you the blog LINK once they Gao-dim v the blog.
Stay tuned peeps =)

If you want more updates,
do come back why cant you fly dot

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