Tuesday, July 13

hometown, I rindu U!

Another sleepless night, rather than lying on the bed with the eyes wide open, I decided to be here.
Blogging, I meant.
Back in the hectic city for days, and I...don't feel good :/
Maybe I still got stuck in the relaxing world.
If you ask me to describe KayTea, hmph...I'd say Relaxing. nuff said.
I miss Beach Walking.
you can see the footprints left by yours truly, obviously.
I miss Mombai
even tho a cup of Milo Ais costs rm6 :X
Red flag chosen, cos RED is my fav color.
I miss the wind blown beach messy hair.

I miss looking up at the sky.
Clouds can read my mind, very well.
I miss the sand on Batu Burok Beach.

photos above credit to the stranger photographer. :P
of course, I miss my home. 

I miss moklong keropok, I miss chicken rice, I miss kapekhusak, I miss the sotong goreng...and the list goes on.
'always have faith in yourself' is applicable to everyone, except me :'(

this is my good friend.
what the crap, I BULLSHIT a lot lately.
fine, leave me alone and bai!

wait! you serious leaving me alone? oh no :'(

sorry readers, Me is Not In Good Mood. 

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