Saturday, July 3

The V.I.P is back!

who's the very important person?
make a guess!
can't see properly eyy?
scroll down for more =)
my love - Koay Shien Nee!
She's back from UK... yippeee *jumps up and down*
on her arrival day, someone picked her up from KLIA, 
and she straight headed to my house!
She spent 2 days with me before flying back to her hometown! sweet:*)
We have been apart for 9 months, but seriously, both of us think ' we have not seen each other for only 3 days!'
and 2 weeks later,
guess where we met this time?

View Veeeet - Nice pic! 
She came to visit me in my hometown, which is Kay Tea!
My parents are friendly and no doubts, they're really good in entertaining guests.
due to the time limit, they only got to visit a few places.
places like...
1.the batu burok beach
2. The Herritage-Yaz Resort
and even this.
the ugly side of Trg - Stadium Gong Badak Collapse!
Dinner time at Sakura Restaurant @ Kuala Besut!
the nice foods just worth the long drive(1.5 hour) from the town!
My love is turning 21 in 2 days time!
Wish you a happy birthday in advance =)
My , you're the best, can't stop loving you mwah!
see you real soon =)

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