Sunday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

How's Halloween Celebration? yes I'm asking you, everyone in Msia.

By the way, I'm adapting well in Glasgow.
One thing I hate about myself, I got men's appetite OMGEE never stop eating, is this symptom of being an obese? Tell me what to do.
When my stomach is growling, I go to kitchen even it's midnight, eat then sleep.
and when I got some food cravings, I try my best way to cook/get that food.
One random day, I was craving for curry puffs, I went to seawoo chinese market, bought and deep fried them.
My housemates ' Hey girl, I thought you cough badly, but why you still eat this?'
Me ' I know it's heaty, but cannot tahan. I must really eat what I been craving for. We don't know what's happening the next day, so EAT ALL I WANT and BE SATISFIED'
okay lame excuse I know, so don't be surprised if you feel/see me putting on some weights. =.=


I feel that I got lost of track with my friends(those in M'sia).
Never really had a good talk/chat with them since I came here.
and you know what, I don't seem to make good use of SKYPING, because I got only 6 contacts.
How pathetic.
Friends, where are you guys? Add me up w3ndee @skype and we shall catch up.
I feel so jealous when one of my friends can be always so busy picking up calls/replying texts from his friends in Msia.
How about me? I got none, ain't kidding =.=

Sometimes, I ever wonder ' How if you take he/she as close friend, but the one just takes you as normal friend?'
'How if you care for someone, but the one doesn't even give a damn on you'
'How if you actually love someone as a friend, but the one hates you so much'
Okay, I'm not gonna think about it and make myself emo.
but yea, how... if.. IF and IF?
maybe everyone has different way of interpreting friendship and expressing/showing care/love towards the friend.
but please always remember, Friendship is a two-way street.
It's tiring if you are the only one who keeps putting effort to keep in touch/strengthen the bonding.
yes, I will get tired too. maybe soon IDK.
okay, it sounds like I'm thirsty for some care/love from you guys, but no no no if you think it that way, you're definitely wrong.
I just wanna say ' If no one takes the effort keeping in touch, I'm just afraid
losing in touch'
It's sad to see someone you ever closed to become only a Hi-Bye friend.
The feeling is awkward, right?
Don't ever let it happen, be appreciative of what you have, especially the great friends you don't mind being together forever.

Presenting you
Spice Girl WannaBe

I'm singing tell me what you want. what I really, really want....I wanna I wanna I wanna...


Signing off with love,
220am ( glasgow) ; 920am (M'sia)
yea, 7 hours time difference.

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