Wednesday, October 27

A lovely note

 A note from someone,
which I won't get bored viewing it again and again.
& it just never fails to make me SMILE

The one I care, I love... and I miss alot.

............COPY AND PASTE...........
(except the italic words in PURPLE,they are written by me)
#In a blink of eyes. You're leaving tomorrow=( Just now I was flipping through some old albums and i found tonnes of those old pictures. Aww good times we had. The poor thing is they made me miss someone even more. 
(I misscha even more everytime I read this *wateryeyes*)
(We are friends since primary school, I still rmb how you used to look like in primary school.
And for the time being,we just got closer and closer, the bonding from just strong to the strongest, and we made it through all the ups and downs, yea so I assume that you're one of my BFFs :)

 Someone  who will send me a text before any exam.
( Sometimes, I really wish I could still do this...International sms rate is killing :( 
and the texts you sent me before most of my exams really meant alot to me, they gave me strength you know)
Someone who always offer me her room for overnight.
( I enjoyed all the pillow-talk sessions with you!)
Someone who i would like to have my heart-to-heart talk and pillow talk with. 
Someone  who will initiate every single chatting session with macam-macam topic.
( I told you rite ' I'm weird, for me if the yumcha session is QUIET, I feel really awkward.)
Someone who will always gosok people's ankle or knee because she claimed that it's very comfortable.*fetish!
(Ya wei, every time you come near me, even in the shopping mall, I will do that! A bad bad habit )
Someone who you 're not advised to sit with during yumchar session if you CANNOT TAHAN WITH EXTREME HIAO-NESS.
(Eeeeee... tht's just me. I'm trying to be not so MANJA. Von, I'm more independent now! Praise me :P )
Someone who  cherishes friends more than anything.
(Friends are just like god-gifted, especially the great ones like YOU)
Someone who  promises she will continue to be friend of mine even maybe someday i am the cha kuew tiau aunty in hawker center. *LOL*
( Of course la you silly girl, you are still my friend bestie no matter what happen.)
Someone who made me feel warm.
(Yes, you made me feel the same too)
Someone who when i am being with her, I dare to be myself.
(That's the way... aaha aaha)
Someone who i really feel veryvery comfortable with.
That's what a true friend is.
That's you. The very charming lady : CHUA YING FONG hiao.
♥ you big big time! Please allow me to missyou when you're not around haha?
anyway ALL THE BEST dear! Seeyou next year kayy. Am looking forward=)
(I am looking forward, and I really can't wait!!!!!)

Being pampered like a baby, Being loved
I wish I could stop the sweet moments with the loved ones.
Awwwww... LOVES

Sim ee von,
You made my life awesome MAX.
I love you, and you deserve it.
I must be insane for writing all this GELI words, you can still take it right?

p/s: Guys, I must be crazy, why the heck every time I read blog posts of others writing about me, so touching and I try very hard to hold my tears
and Jimat 1 Mangkuk, you're the first one who wrote me such a long note on FB! *winks*
Shit lahhhh, semakin Cry baby la me!!!!

(I shed my tears halfway writing this... T.T hate you la von von)

Stop here...
I will try to blog more often about life in Glasgow:)))

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