Tuesday, November 23

How to pose for photos

 Good question. Actually I don't know either. =.=
I just pose in the way which I feel most comfortable? LOL
My friends always said that I am so ever ready to strike a pose whenever a camera is angled in my direction.
Oh crap, this is not true! It happens just coincidentally which I realize the camera, so I smile for it :P

If you wanna know how to strike a pose, take a look at photograhs of female celebrities!
And it can be noticed that most of them strike the same pose time and again.
Keira Knightley
Nice pose, Paris Hilton.
Stand right square to the camera is a big NO NO, as this is going to make you look HUGE.
Maybe you can simply try twisting body a little, and this helps to shave off a good few inches.
Then, placing one hand on your hip if you want to create an illusion of smaller hips/ waist.
Roll shoulders backwards, but not too faaaaar until the chest sticks out.
Face feet forward & balance weight equally on both feet and allow arms to hang along the side.
Next do something with your chin, try to tilt it a little down (not too much as this might hv a Double Chin effect)
Hold the angle while looking to the left and then right.
Remember to look straight ahead towards the camera!
The key thing, RELAX your body with a relaxed-smile!
and I'm sure that you can strike a good pose too and beat down the celebrities' pose? teeheee :)

Another question,
'Can you distinguish between a genuine and fake smile?'
A natural smile produces characteristic wrinkles around the eyes - insincere people smile only with their mouth.
so yea, a false smile pulls back only the mouth while the real smile pulls back both the mouth & eyes.
(nah, don't try to fake me a smile, I will know, gotcha!)

Look at this.
this is so typical Wendy's pose.

oh my, same pose same pose. I know right, it's boring to see the same pose for billion-gazillion pictures in your album.
so I try out different angles of posing. :P
(I don't have flawless skin. damn jealous why some people can have soft baby skin, even GUYS!!!)
The right view.

The left view.

oh no, this angle always makes people look even UGLIER X.X

I need more practice on how to have a good smile, perhaps looking at the mirror to practise from time to time.
Nah, I'm gonna do that until I discover which is my best view to capture the best features.
No, I'm just kidding. I actually hate MIRROR alot!!!
I don't know why, but mirror is just scary for me.(you know, when you got to see pimples, wrinkles, blackheads, euuuwwww) so I don't look & always try to minimize the frequency of looking at it.

Okay, I'm not gonna post all the photos orelse you will really sick of viewing them.
haha! anyway,
look, can see wrinkles around my eyes.
Oh, so that's a genuine smile.
Excuse me friends, don't la always say my smile is fake, very fake puh-lease! 

Laughter is the best medicine.
As with smiling, when laughter is incorporated as a permanent part of who you're, not only that.
It helps to attract friends, improves heath & extends life.
so yea, camwhore more, so you get to smile more, and when you see someone's pose is weird, you tend to laugh. hope it makes sense. (my crap)

Bye.See you again! =)

to myself:'Class test is coming, please be motivated to study!' :'(

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