Monday, November 22


tweeted this afternoon 'Italian Food for lunch, I'm a happy girl :) '
okay so Zizzi is the Restaurant name.
              If you know me well, you should know I'm a super CHEESE lover.
I know right, Cheeeeese is fattening, but yea I still madly in love with it.
Above is the one I ordered : Risotto Di Pesce
A creamy dish packed with the flavours from south of Italy.
The very juicy tiger prawns, roasted salmon & calamari, gawd awesomeness. *wipe-off saliva*
it costs £ 11.95
It just perfectly matched with the Spicy Olive Oil.
I like it, very much!

of course, if you have good companions to eat with, you will absolutely feel superb:)
ops and you know what.
The total bill is only £ 20
shocking right? how come?
 The girls printed out the voucher from studentbeans, so yea 2 main courses for only 10 pounds.
omg such a good deal, try it out too peeps :)

after lunch, 3 of them (steph, yi vun, chew woon) went Tesco to grab some stuffs,
I didn't tag along cos I went shopping ALONE!
I bought quite a number of items, eyyyy some of them are really essential for winter:)
Winter, can you please don't say HI to me that soon, cos right....I...I...I'm not really prepared yet:(
winter boots, fur jacket, leather gloves etc etc, omg when comes to shopping list, it's just NEVERENDING.*smack head on the keyboard*

Okay, stop here!
and sorry if this post makes you hungry :P

                                                                                                                                              Wendy xx

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