Sunday, November 21


Hiya, how're you today?
 If you read about yesterday's post, you shud know that I went for a party last night.
yeah Dress-to-impress party, you got it right baybeh!
My appearance wasn't impressive tho, I know!
Party with the GIRLS :)
and look, it's Cheryl
I see her most of the time, so you shall expect to see her appearance in my blog more frequent from now on (:
Grace with her sick look, yet she still looks GOOD!
Poor girl, she owes falls sick.WEAK Body :'(
The sizzling HAWT chingmun & I.
 I like your new hair color, light tone is fine :)
the gorgeous Zhi yung. =)
                                          the party queen Li-V! KISS ME KISS YOU
Eileen gone WILD lasnight. *inside joke*
Good shot by meeeee!
Lester yong, the camera man.

Group pitcha:
This bunch of people are incredibly AWESOME! *hearts*

Last pic before leaving the party.
yea very sober face, I didn't drink at all.
People, say NO to Alcohol.can you?
I bet you just can't!

What's next- My 21st Birthday.

I seriously GTG, as I am going for the midnight grocery shopping at Tesco.
See you guys!

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