Saturday, December 11

I miss Korean Food!

One random day, Cheryl called 'Eh, 2ml we go dine-in Korean Restaurant kay?'
Me ' Yeah.sure thing'
She knows me the best, god knows how badly I was craving for Korean foods.:)
For all these above, I don't mind walking to Queen Street to take Subway and even the10 minutes walking from the station to the restaurant! cos it's worth it i tell you!
my bb is gorgeous, isn't she?
waihong, a patient guy who helps us to take so many pictures! 
We are cool, we are simply awesome! LOL
Much loves.
In the train with my love. 

Please feed me with the unlimited Korean food supply when I'm back in M'sia kay?
Can you? Thank you :)

sometimes, I'm lost. I just need someone to give me direction and tell me what should I do next.
sometimes, I'm tired, of being the one who always put in efforts in certain things. A call or a simple text can really cheer me up!
sometimes, I want to be crazy. And, I need someone who can be the same as me, or go even crazier than me.
sometimes, I could be emo. I need someone to tell me that I love you, I care about you.
sometimes, I try not to think so much, but I just can't.
I can be simple yet complicated at times.
I know... I'm just WEIRD! 

kthxbai! :'(

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