Tuesday, December 21

Happy Birthday Cherylai

The Birthday Girl aka my gorgeous darling!

Today is her day, but too bad she's not here with me.:'(

Since today is her birthday, so I plan to blog something all about her us!
What shall I blog about US?
think-wendy-think..thinkkkkk...*scratch head* okay, got an idea.
The title: Why Cheryl & I make good friends?
(I'm gonna flood this post with photos and captions, be warned)
#1 : We have 749 mutual friends on Facebook.
(yea, we share common friends... or it's like I know most of her friends; and she knows mine too)
#2: Both of us love Iyens
#3: Both of us think that I.Miss.U rocks!
#4. We are from the same kampung (kay-tea)

#5. We attended the same college (Taylor's)

#6. Some of the characteristics are kinda alike!
a. We are midnight owls (we sleep late, real LATE)
b. We always do last minute work. ( this is BAD)
c. We are quite cincai in certain things
d. We treasure friendships a lot
e. We don't give a damn to those who don't appreciate friendship.
f. We can be bitchy at times. (don't mess with us)
g. We quite Kay-Poh (no no, we just care what's happening around)
and the list goes on..... (too many lahhh)

We share some of the same interests...
#7. We are 'camera-holic', we love taking picturesss
#8. We can really talk...non-stop talking
#9. We don't mind being SILLY sometimes.

#10. We can't say NO to 'HUAT-ahhhh' (only if you get what I say here :P )
#11. We attended so many birthdays together.
#12. We enjoy participating in Contests

We used to annoy so many people on facebook, do you remember 'Kitschen What's your Dec look'
And, we WON RM500 shopping vouchers. :)

#13. We always hang out together.

#14. We love Events, too.

'Digi Pimp my day' -Nuffnang

#15. We love BEEF!
(Beef noodle at OUG)

#16. We love taking DINNER with a bunch of great friends.

#17. We simply love Traveling together 
~show you some of the trips photos:
#18. We enjoy singing Ka-la-oh-kay
this is a bit untrue, cos I don't really sing, once in a blue moon is just fine for me. But, cheryl really loves singing :P

#19. We are party animals :x

#20. People might think that we are damn POSERS (hahaha)

#21. ILY, YLM 'We love each other'

ops, sorry if I lan-c you sometimes, but lan-c is my trademark, I suppose you know that? hehehehe
(my cocky face :/ )

and...do you still remember this?
( your sweet 17th b'day celebration, hey LOOK all of us look daym young & innocent weyyy HAHA)

Okay, 21 facts about us for the 21-year-old YOU!
(you find it creative and meaningful? I know right, thanks! haha.. syiok sendiri)

Happy 21st Birthday
to my top friend Xie Er.
you know I love you, I always do! :)
<3 xoxo <3

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