Thursday, January 27


How do you define Life?
Some interprets it as wonderful, some says it sucks.
Well, everyone has different point of views.
For me, life's been good to me so far. Okay come to think of it, I eat, sleep, play well. I'm really much more luckier if compared to those homeless children. 
I know right, but one thing bad about me which I really hate is that I'm sucha demanding person.
I'm not gonna tell you in what aspect, leave it to you, so you observe!
Why are humans so freaking greedy? 'Kan sudah bagi betis nak lagi peha'  NO IDEA, this is the nature.
Recently, I have got tonnes of questionnaires in mind.
I don't understand why people can be scary at times, the hidden side: I describe them as timeless bombs, which may explode any time and kill people at any time.
Why humans must be so complicated? Don't you feel tired keeping too much all to yourself? Sometimes, it's good to find someone trusted to share some, trust me you will feel better. 
 Fakers, don't you feel tired being fake all this while? What's the point, if you don't like someone, why can't you just tell right to his/her face and say I DON'T LIKE YOU lah idiot!
Please don't do that, because sometimes being a straight forward person might harm you.
Beware of people around you, some may be harmful. Don't be naive. 
You gotta be ALERT! 
oh well, all these are just my random thoughts. I'm trying to act like a pro saying about life.
NAH, I don't even qualified to say that yet, because I know nuts about life.
I'm still on the pathway of learning, gaining experiences etc etc.

Life may not be as smooth what you want,
have faith in yourself,
do not afraid to achieve ya dreams and hit the aims in life.
try to make life as interesting as you could, 
live life with no regrets, always.
You're a pure LOSER if you give up on yourself & life, 
always remember: if you fall once, twice or even more, fret not just get up and fight again - NOT A BIG DEAL!
I believe you can do it, good luck folks! 

x x

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